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Monte Carlo: Roger Federer, April 19, 2007

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April 19, 2007



Q. Can you tell us your view of the
meeting and how it went and what you foresee?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah. I'm happy he came. We had
the chance to meet, you know. Of course, we need
more meetings. There's just many issues we need
to talk about. We explained our sides much.
Carlos was there, Ivan, Rafa, and myself. We had
a meeting for about two hours.

Yeah, we have to kind of go from here, you know,
and just keep on talking to each other.

Does it seem like it's possible that there's
going to be progress from your view?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know. Look, we have to we
asked just for more information too, because we
felt the information flow was not very good. He
definitely promised us to do that.

On the other side, that's what I'm saying. We
just got to keep on talking to him at the moment
even though time's tight.

Q. I
talked with Ricci Bitti and he said he asked to
have a meeting with you; is that correct? And
apparently, he said he didn't know that you were
not happy about scheduling and the calendar of
the Davis Cup. He was never told by anyone that
you wanted to play week after the slam.

ROGER FEDERER: What is he talking about? I'm
going to see him later on anyway.

Your next opponent hasn't got a very good
record. He's never won a set against you. How
are you feeling about that? Is that something is
that is going to work to your advantage?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I would hope so. But, no,
listen, I've played him here last year. We
played an excellent match. It was a fantastic
match for me. We got really close, tough points,
and in the end I came through on a beautiful

So I have to get used to the conditions here. I
had a really quick court the first match and a
really slow court the second match. It's really
good I played in both conditions so I'm ready
for anything in the next match.

He's an excellent player, especially on clay.
This is where he's got the most confidence, so
it's going to be difficult to beat him here. I
had a very tough match with him in Basel last
year. Not an easy three sets, having not lost a
set doesn't mean much.

Did you feel like you were moving a little bit
better today than you had the other day?

ROGER FEDERER: May have been a little bit. But
still, I think it was an average match from my
side. I was really struggling with the
conditions. Maybe it was just my timing in the
beginning. You know, I was just shanking a lot
of balls and not able to keep the ball in play.

Once I was able to do that I was in total
control. So I never felt worried too much today,
which is a good sign, especially early on in the
clay court seen.

You are a human being. How much difficult is it
to change your level from an average match and
then click, go? How difficult is it?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean it's never a
guarantee. You just have to put yourself in that
position that when you're going to play well
you're going to make a difference. So for this
reason you have to stay even or stay ahead.

When you're behind things are always difficult.
It's the same in every sport: Soccer and golf
and hockey. You have to press the issue much
more. You have to make sure in the beginning of
the sets when it's maybe a little bit boring
that you don't get behind.

It's important that at 4 3 that you're not break
down 4 3, but that you're even or 4 3 up. This
is when you can maybe make a difference and in
the end show you're best at the end of the set.

Against Seppi and today we see you always in
control just the time you need to go.

ROGER FEDERER: Yes. I'm happy I was able to turn
it on a little bit, you know, when I had to.
Tiebreakers was important, like I said. That's
always a good thing to win. And, yeah, now it
was a convincing two setter. Hopefully next
match will be better.

Just on the political thing again. You and Rafa
came in a couple days ago and the president of
the ATP and the president of the ITF flies in.
Makes you kind of aware of the responsibility
and the power that the No. 1 and No. 2 players
in the world have. When they want something to
change everyone comes running. What do you make
of that? Do you wish you had those conversations
before, or does it just go to understand what
power and what influence you have on the sport?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, we don't want bad
press for tennis, but what we want is that we is
also have some say, I and think we made that
point very clear. It's good to see that Etienne
and Francesca came down here to sort of calm us
down after the issues we had a few days ago.

That's why we're speaking a lot in the locker
room to each other now, the players, to see what
the further plan is. But for now we need for us
to get together and see, are we a happy with
what Etienne said and what Francesca is going to
tell me? It is more to listen and to analyze
from there.

Were you happy with the way it was played out?
You did your piece. Did you read or did you
listen to what the press

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, both sides what was written
in the press, that's a different thing. But, you
know, we had we brought our points across from
the players' side and he did his. So from that
standpoint it was a good meeting. No screaming,
it was a normal meeting. We've had different
ones before, I can tell you that.

You going to play Rafa in Mallorca in May. What
do you feel about it?

ROGER FEDERER: I think it's exciting. The idea
was there already six or nine months ago, and I
said I was that would be fun to do something
like this. It never happened before. It's a bit
crazy and people might say, Why then? It's a bad

We also enjoy playing tennis for fun for a
change. It doesn't always need to be crazy
serious out on the match courts. And I think we
enjoyed the match against each other in South
Korea, we enjoy playing each other in

The result is not the most important thing, it's
about having fun out there. And Mallorca, it's a
place I've never been to. It's his home city.
He's been to Basel. It's going to be exciting
and a good atmosphere.

Q. On
Ricci Bitti again, he said that you have been
informed by the ATP more than from him, because
he say

ROGER FEDERER: He says. I will see tonight what
he says.



From these meetings do you get the sense that
this has really brought the players closer

ROGER FEDERER: Yes, absolutely. And I think it's
been like this for the last year or two. We've
been trying to get the players together more
often and talk to each other. I'm happy that
finally we're moving together in one direction.

You always have the hard court players, the
grass court players, the indoor players and the
clay courters, but it's good that we're talking
to each other. I think when you have that I
think the game is moving in the right direction.

I hope that we're going to be able to solve
issues and move forward together, because I
think that's most important that everybody's