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Richard Gasquet, The Artois Championships, June 12, 2008

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June 12, 2008


Richard Gasquet


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Richard.

Q. Your recent scores weren't so impressive, but here you already won some matches. The form looks like it's going up. How do you feel about yourself at this moment?

Q. And your confidence?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, I won a lot of confidence today because I won against a great grass court player. Ancic is one of the best grass court players. It was a really good match for me. I served well. I played well from the baseline. So it was for sure a good match, yes.
So I'm confident for the rest of the tournament.

Q. And for a couple weeks from now, as well, for Wimbledon?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah. For sure, when you are winning a match like that, I think I'm ready for Wimbledon. After a match like today, I am ready for Wimbledon. But I want to keep going in Queen's. It's a great tournament. I am in quarterfinals. I want to go far in the tournament. Why not?

Q. Did you learn anything at Wimbledon last year that you will make you change anything this year?
RICHARD GASQUET: No, no. I was more confident after Wimbledon. I could break into the top 10. I played Masters Cup and everything. I was more confident, for sure.
But I learned not so much. Just more confident in my game after this tournament.

Q. I remember you saying you had to prepare well for Wimbledon because of changes in the weather, different scheduling.
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, all the time it's raining. You never know. I like Wimbledon, it's a great tournament, one of my favorites. I am all the time really happy to come back there.

Q. So you are familiar with London. Do you go out here?
RICHARD GASQUET: No, because I'm winning. When you are winning, like last year in Wimbledon - I'm not winning in all tournaments, but in England I play well. I won two times in Nottingham. Here I'm playing good. Wimbledon, too. I like when I'm playing in England.
For sure I can't go out because I am winning some matches.

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