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Benjamin Becker, Wimbledon, June 24, 2008

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The Championships Wimbledon
at Wimbledon, England


Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Benjamin Becker def. Nicolay Davydenko, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4

Q. A long time for a win like this. Going back to Bangkok last year a little bit.

BENJAMIN BECKER: A long time since I won a match at a Grand Slam. For sure, it feels good to get past the first round finally, yeah.

Q. How do you explain today?

BENJAMIN BECKER: Well, I don't know. I knew I had chances against him on grass court. I know he doesn't feel very comfortable on grass. I played actually pretty well the last two weeks.

I kind of gained a little bit more confidence than before. I think I served well. I really did what I wanted to do: to be aggressive, to hit heavy balls, and that worked out well today.

Q. Was he playing bad or you were playing extraordinarily well?

BENJAMIN BECKER: I think I knew I had to play my best tennis and he had to be on a normal day maybe to have a chance.

I think he obviously maybe didn't play his best. I have never seen him on grass court, so I don't know how he plays. I know how he plays on clay and how he plays on hard court where he doesn't miss the ball.

So here he kind of missed the balls here and there where maybe he doesn't do that usually on different surface. I don't know if it was because of that.

I think I played well, and he for sure didn't play his best, so...

Q. It's been a long time since the Agassi match. Was that match any kind of burden for you emotionally?

BENJAMIN BECKER: The Agassi match.

Q. Is it any kind of a burden in terms of how people perceived you, what they expected of you?

BENJAMIN BECKER: Yeah, I mean, sometimes it doesn't feel so great, but I try not to look at it like that. So, you know, sometimes it feels like a burden. Sometimes you feel like you're the one who beating Agassi. Sometimes, yeah, you put a little bit more pressure on yourself just because of that.

But I try to not look at it that way. You know, just be happy that I got to enjoy that moment, yeah.

Q. How much time are you spending in South Florida now?

BENJAMIN BECKER: Well, now I haven't been back there since the start of the clay season. I haven't been back there, but usually I'm there mostly because I play all the tournaments in the States. So I'm there quite often actually.

Q. Girlfriend still there?

BENJAMIN BECKER: Girlfriend still there.

Q. Delray Beach?

BENJAMIN BECKER: I actually live in Fort Lauderdale.

Q. How have you enjoyed it down there?

BENJAMIN BECKER: It's nice. It's not a bad place.

Q. You mentioned you grew up idolizing Boris. Was that an extra motivation to do well at Wimbledon, obviously with the name?

BENJAMIN BECKER: The thing is, I don't know about the name. But when I grew up watching tennis, the most important tournament also for Boris Becker was Wimbledon. So for me growing up, for me the most important tournament to watch, the most exciting tournament to watch, was Wimbledon.

For me it has the highest standard than all the other Grand Slams. You come here, it's a different atmosphere. It's on grass court. You don't play much on grass court. It's just a different feeling. It's just something special.

So when you come here, you know, you're really having fun. It was one of the reasons why, you know, I always come here and really enjoy it. Look forward to it.

Q. Did Boris give you any tips?

BENJAMIN BECKER: I haven't seen him yet actually. I know he's here, but I haven't seen him actually.

Q. Before playing at Wimbledon previously?

BENJAMIN BECKER: No. We wanted to meet in Miami during the Key Biscayne tournament, but it didn't happen. He had to leave for an exhibition match. I hope to do it pretty soon, though.


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