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Jelena Jankovic, Wimbledon, June 24, 2008

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The Championships Wimbledon
at Wimbledon, England


Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Jelena Jankovic def. Olga Savchuk 6‑3, 6‑2

Q. Pretty diverse workout. Seemed to be a bit everything in the match.

JELENA JANKOVIC: What do you mean by that?


Q. Up at the net, running around a lot, entertaining points.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Yes, there were some entertaining points. Overall I thought I played a pretty good match for the first round because always the first rounds are the toughest. I always have some trouble in the beginning of the tournaments.

But, you know, today I was quite pleased with the way I played. Only I had a slow start in the beginning. I couldn't find my rhythm. But then I cruised through the match.


Q. You've been playing a little bit less recently. Do you feel more refreshed than you did this time last year?

JELENA JANKOVIC: Yes, I feel a lot more refreshed. Before this tournament I didn't play for two weeks, due to some health problems. I feel ready to play this tournament. I'm not tired like I was maybe last year around this time. You know, just want to try my best and play some good tennis here.



Q. When you say you're refreshed, is that a physical thing or a mental thing or a bit of both?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I think it's both because last year I played so much. You know, when I arrived to this tournament, two weeks before that I won Birmingham, then I played finals in's‑Hertogenbosch, then I arrived here in Wimbledon. Especially with the rain delays, it was very hard for me. Mentally and physically I was quite drained, couldn't do so well, and lost in the fourth round, which is my worst Grand Slam result.

So, you know, this year I feel much better, feel more mature. I feel that I improved a lot more since last year. So hopefully I can improve my record here.


Q. The No. 1 ranking is up for grabs again here. From Paris, have you gained anything? Did you get an experience which might help to let you be the one?

JELENA JANKOVIC: Yes, the four of us can become new No. 1's. You know, it's a great opportunity for me. But I'm not really looking too far ahead. I just won my first round, so there is still hopefully a lot of matches to play. I don't really want to think about rankings, about points. I just want to try to do what I do on the practice courts what I have been working with my coach and try to trust for that to the matches.


Q. What did you want to accomplish today in the first round?

JELENA JANKOVIC: Most of the time actually I have problems in the first round. It's very hard to get your rhythm, just feel the atmosphere. It's a new court. Especially it's my first match on grass. It takes a little bit of time to get used to everything.

You know, I came out and I had a slow start. I didn't really feel that great. I lost my timing. But after that, when I started feeling the ball, I was hitting especially my backhand quite solid, quite clean. I found my game. So I was attacking a lot and didn't allow the other girl to play her game.


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