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Donald Young, US Open, August 25, 2008

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Donald Young

US Open

August 25, 2008

Q. How did it feel to be on center court?

DONALD YOUNG: It was great. I really enjoyed it. First time, and I think it was even better because I was playing an American, so a lot of people came out to watch. I enjoyed it and I definitely want to experience it a lot more.

Q. Are you more disappointed in the loss than you are happy the way the match went?

DONALD YOUNG: Either way. You know obviously a little disappointed I lost. You look who you're playing. He's playing right now. He's like the second, one of the top two Americans, and, you know, this year hasn't been too great for me, but I've stayed in the top 100 and tried to keep playing hard.

I mean, I'm not really disappointed because I'm happy with the way I played at that stage. I would have been disappointed if it had gone like the first set and third set went. The whole time definitely I would have been upset but I'm happy and okay with myself with coming back a little bit.

Q. What was going through your mind as you entered that fifth set, having never been in a fifth set before?

DONALD YOUNG: I was excited to actually play my first fifth set. Most people probably wouldn't be excited. Obviously you don't want it to go five. It kept me in the match. I was excited. I don't know too much else to say about it. It wasn't like court 17, fifth‑setter and too many people not watching. It was a night match on Ashe against one of the best Americans we have, and it was great to go five and giving him a good match.

Q. What was different for you out there?

DONALD YOUNG: The crowd, the stadium was big. I mean, I've played in big stadiums like Louis Armstrong and whatnot. I wasn't playing, you know, someone from like New York and that they like and there's a big crowd favorite and he came out with a Mets outfit on, and they love that. It was different for sure.

Q. How much do you hope this means to you as far as moving forward now, because many people consider this to be a breakthrough?

DONALD YOUNG: Definitely. You can be a little disappointed because last year I made third round. I'm looking at points, they're coming off. But if you look at experience and getting out there and playing the game, it was great. I really enjoyed it and I think it's a big step forward, if I can keep playing like this, with someone No. 9 in the world. And I'm pretty sure someone a lot lower, if I played, I would beat him.

Q. How do you feel physically before the fifth set?

DONALD YOUNG: I was actually surprised. I was thinking, you know, I might go in here and cramp up and not be able to continue. I surprised myself, and I'm really, you know, happy with it. Obviously you're feeling a little tired after the match, but to not, you know, not cramp and not be able to continue, it was great for me.

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