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Sam Querrey, US Open, August 28, 2008

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Sam Querrey

US Open

August 28, 2008

Q. You were cramping?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, my calf started to cramp a little bit, and then it worked its way up my legs. But I was still able to move out there. It wasn't to the point where I had to quit.

Q. Bet you were glad you didn't have to go five.

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, if I didn't win this last game I don't know if I could have won that match.

Q. Reason for the cramping just doing a lot of work out there, lots of running?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, that first set was a grind. I mean, a lot of those points were twenty‑ball rallies, and with my body type I don't need to be doing that. Need to change something.

Q. Speaking of body types you have Ivo next.

SAM QUERREY: I know. That's the good thing. It's not going to be a lot of baseline rallies, but still a tough one. Guy's got a huge serve.

Q. You played three times and won twice?


Q. Guys talk about his serve as a weapon that's almost impossible to deal with. I would think that of all people you feel like you're on kind of even ground.

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, exactly. At least with his serve ‑‑ a lot guys it's up here above their shoulders. With me it might be at shoulder level. But a lot of times you just got to take a guess almost with him.

But yeah, I laid him in Nottingham and he had like 80 aces, so...

Q. Do you feel like why not let's just go to tiebreaker?

SAM QUERREY: Sometimes, yeah.

Q. So this kind of match today, long, lots of points, you had to do the work, second round the US Open. You got through, and mentally it's got to be a good win.

SAM QUERREY: Awesome win. One of the most exciting for me so far. Fun to play out there on Grandstand. Night match and the fans were into it. Big step for me.

Q. What do you think; do you think your body can hold out through another few match?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I'm going to drink a lot of water, I'm going to stretch, eat right, do everything that I need to do to get better.

Q. So coming into the tournament, did you have a positive feeling where you thought, okay, if I play to my level maybe I can really do some damage?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, definitely. I have been playing well in practice and it's starting to show during the matches. Hopefully I can just keep going.

Q. What's your pick on James versus Mardy? Tough one, huh?

SAM QUERREY: I know James got him in the past, I think the last two times. So, I mean, you got to favor James.

But Mardy, is on a roll right now. Finals in New Haven and got a good backhand. I don't want to pick.

THE MODERATOR: You're not even going to ask him about the shot around the net post?

Q. Oh, that's right. So that was what, the second to last point of the match, right?

SAM QUERREY: Third to the last. That was breakpoint.

Q. Is that one of your best scramble points ever?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, I can't remember if I made a first serve or not, and then I ripped a forehand and then ripped an approach shot that I thought was going long, but it clipped, and he just rifled a backhand across court and it hit the tape.

I wasn't going to go for it, and then I just last minute, boom goes the dynamite.

Q. Did you think he was going to make the pass?

SAM QUERREY: Yeah, he had the whole court open. He missed that one.

Q. So a little bit of luck there?


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