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WTN: 2009 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championship Round of 16 Match Results: #5 Notre Dame 4, #12 Clemson 0

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NCAA Division I Tennis Championships

Women’s Round of 16

May 15, 2009

George P. Mitchell Tennis Center

College Station, Texas


#5 Notre Dame 4, #12 Clemson 0

RECORDS: Notre Dame 27-4; Clemson 19-8



1. #29 Kelcy Tefft (Notre Dame) vs. #4 Ani Mijacika (Clemson), 4-6, 2-4, DNF

2. #38 Kristy Frilling (Notre Dame) def. #14 Josipa Bek (Clemson), 6-2, 6-1

3. Cosmina Ciobanu (Notre Dame) vs. Ina Hadziselimovic (Clemson), 1-6, 4-5, DNF

4. Shannon Mathews (Notre Dame) vs. #118 Keri Wong (Clemson), 6-4, 3-2, DNF

5. Kali Krisik (Notre Dame) def. Alexandra Luc (Clemson), 6-4, 6-1

6. Kristen Rafael (Notre Dame) def. Laurianne Henry (Clemson), 6-0, 6-3



1. #2 Frilling/Tefft (Notre Dame) def. #9 Mijacika/Wong (Clemson), 8-3

2. #64 Ciobanu/Krisik (Notre Dame) def. #34 Bek/Hadziselimovic (Clemson), 8-5

3. Luc/Van Adrichem (Clemson) def. Mathews/Rielley (Notre Dame), 8-2



Doubles: 1, 3, 2

Singles: 2, 6, 5



Notre Dame advances to the quarterfinals for only the second time in program history next to a 2007 Elite Eight appearance and will compete again on Sunday, May 17 at 5 p.m. (CT). There was a power outage at 8:22 p.m. which suspended play for an hour and 15 minutes at the George P. Mitchell Tennis Center in College Station.



Notre Dame Head Coach Jay Louderback

“With the lights going out, we were up 6-3 and then we lost two games and the first point of the next game. I think it was an advantage for us, but I think it hurt Clemson. It took the momentum away from them in the doubles. We came out and didn’t miss a ball in the next two or three games in the doubles. Kristy Frilling played an unbelievable match and (Josipa) Bek is one of the top players in the country. Their top two players are great and it was just a big match for Frilling. She didn’t play well in the doubles and I think that motivated her to play better in the singles and she did.”


Clemson Head Coach Nancy Harris

“Certainly our hats off to Notre Dame. They definitely outplayed us tonight. We got off to a bad start in doubles and we seemed to rally back. We were 6-5 down, 15-love, then we lost the lights. I felt that we had the momentum at that point, because our players were warm. When we started back up, unfortunately we were a little cold, and missed some easy shots we should have had. We needed to take care of business and should have gotten off to a better start. Basically, Notre Dame dominated the court position (in singles). They did a really nice job of closing the court in a couple of the matches and they took time away from us. They were more aggressive, and therefore, were rewarded. They deserved to win tonight.”


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