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WTN: 2009 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championship Round of 16 Match Results: #1 Northwestern 4, #16 Fresno State 0

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NCAA Division I Tennis Championships

Women’s Round of 16

May 15, 2009

George P. Mitchell Tennis Center

College Station, Texas


#1 Northwestern 4, #16 Fresno State 0

RECORDS: Northwestern 28-1; Fresno State 24-6



1. #1 Maria Mosolova (NU) vs. #18 Melanie Gloria (Fresno State), 6-7, DNF

2. #20 Georgia Rose (NU) def. #27 Anastasia Petukhova (Fresno State), 6-4, 6-3

3. #47 Samantha Murray (NU) vs. #67 Renata Kucerkova (Fresno State), 5-7, 2-2, DNF

4. #119 Lauren Lui (NU) def. Tinesta Rowe (Fresno State), 6-3, 6-1

5. #117 Nazlie Ghazal (NU)                vs. Laura Pola (Fresno State), 6-3, 5-3, DNF

6. Keri Robison (NU) def. Bruna Paes (Fresno State), 6-2, 6-1



1. #24 Lui/Rose (NU) def. #1 Petukhova/Kucerkova (Fresno State), 8-6

2. #29 Mosolova/Robison (NU) vs. #15 Gloria/Rowe (Fresno State), 7-5, DNF

3. Chernyakova/Murray (NU) def. Beatty/Pola (Fresno State), 8-4



Doubles: 3, 1

Singles: 6, 2, 4



Northwestern has now moved on to the quarterfinals three out of the last four years and will face ninth-seeded Cal on Sunday, May 17 at 4 p.m. (CT). The Wildcats last met Cal (quarterfinals) and Fresno State (first round) in the 2008 team championship in Tulsa, Okla.



Northwestern Head Coach Claire Pollard

“Winning the doubles point was really nice. Fresno State has one of the best doubles teams in the country, if not the best. In the regular season, we squeaked it out on a breaker. Today, I thought it was a really big momentum boost for us to get that. We took control of the match early on in singles. We lost two sets I thought we could have won, but we did a really good job of staying composed when it was tough. We were prepared for the heat and I thought whatever time of day we played, we would be ready.”


Fresno State Head Coach Simon Thibodeau

“I thought we were outplayed by Northwestern. We’ve been very strong in doubles all year and I thought that we had some momentum, particularly at one point in the doubles. We were up 5-0 at two and up 6-5, 40-love at one, with the No. 1 doubles team in the nation (in Anastasia Petukhova and Renata Kucerkova). We played a little bit tougher there. We carried the doubles lose a little bit in our singles, but give credit to Northwestern. They really made a lot of balls and were patient. We didn’t do a good job in terms of consistency, but they are the No. 1 team in the nation and there is a reason for that.”


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