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WTN: 2009 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championship Quarterfinals Match Results: #5 Notre Dame 4, #4 Baylor 3

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NCAA Division I Tennis Championships
Women's Quarterfinals
May 17, 2009
George P. Mitchell Tennis Center
College Station Texas


RECORDS: Notre Dame 28-4; Baylor 27-5

1. (#29) Kelcy Tefft, ND def. (#39) Taylor Ormond, BU, 6-2, 6-3
2. (#33) Lenka Broosova, BU def. (#38) Kristy Frilling, ND, 6-1, 6-1
3. (#44) Jelena Stanivuk, BU def. Cosmina Ciobanu, ND, 6-1, 7-5
4. Shannon Mathews, ND def. (#70) Csilla Borsanyi, BU, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4
5. Nina Secerbegovic, BU def. Kali Krisik, ND, 6-0. 6-0 6. Kristen Rafael, ND def. Kasia Siwosz, BU, 6-3, 6-0

1. (#2) Frilling/Tefft, ND def. (#13) Broosova/Borsanyi, BU, 8-4
2. (#65) Ormond/Stanivuk, BU def. (#64) Ciobanu/Krisik, ND, 8-3
3. Mathews/Rielley, ND def. Secerbegovic/Siwosz, BU, 8-5

ORDER OF FINISH: Doubles: 2, 1, 3; Singles: 5, 2, 6, 1, 3, 4

NOTES: After reaching the quarterfinals in three of the last four years, Notre Dame advances to the semifinals for the first time in school history. The Fighting Irish will face the winner between No. 1 Northwestern and No. 8 California on Monday at 4 p.m.

Baylor Head Coach Joey Scrivano: "Notre Dame played really well. They just out played us, and that is the bottom line."

(On Csilla Borsanyi's play) "Sometime these matches are like a puzzle. You just have to figure out the puzzle. Unfortunately, I wasn't much help because I didn't figure it out until it was way too late. She got into a bit of a hole, and it was really hard to come out of it. To her credit, she battled in the last set and made it really close. (Shannon) Mathews is just a heck of a player. She didn’t play like a freshman tonight, that's for sure. "We know that Mathews is a tough customer, and she can really play. To beat her, you have to do some really veteran-like things, and Csilla started doing it when they got down, 2-0. It's just too late, anybody can win two games. It's too bad, but we’ll learn from it. We're going to win this tournament one day; obviously not this year."

Notre Dame Head Coach Jay Louderback: "The last match was amazing. Shannon Mathews, after losing the first set, started strong in both the second and third sets. She got up 4-0 and just played solid. She played really well at the end for a freshman. I told her this is where legends are made. Both sets she got up 4-0, then back to 4-3. She played a great game at 4-3, which had it got to 4-4 in either set, it would have been much tighter. When you get to this point, everyone's going to feel the nerves, and it's a matter of being able to play through it. The Baylor kid did a great job of playing through the nerves. She started off really slow in the third and got back in it. She served really well. In the third, I don't even know if she missed a first serve. I thought they both handled the pressure really well. The end of the match was great tennis."

Notre Dame freshman Shannon Mathews: "I knew coming off the doubles point was a huge boost to our confidence. I knew we already had two wins with Kelcy (Tefft) and Kristen (Rafael). I almost had the first set, and I knew if I could stay around and keep fighting I could get back in the match. I was a little nervous, but I tried to block it out and just play within myself."


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