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Gael Monfils, Medibank International, January 11, 2010


January 11, 2010

Gael Monfils


THE MODERATOR: Unfortunately, Gel Monfils has to withdraw from the Medibank International Sydney because of a shoulder injury. He's come to answer a few questions.
First one.

Q. How bad is it? Obviously it's bad enough not to play.
GEL MONFILS: I think I have an inflammation, and I am injured since last week in the tournament in Brisbane. It was getting worse and worse. I had little hope to be a bit better, but I think it's gonna be -- if I'm keep going playing on it, it's gonna turn into something chronic I think.
So I need to take some days off and just need to think to be 100% for Australian Open.

Q. Is it a long-standing injury, or just had it last week for the first time?
GEL MONFILS: I had this like maybe two years ago. I had this now ten days I think because maybe I overwork on it.
Then with the first tournament of the year, play long match, so I think maybe that why I feel it like that.

Q. Do you think you'll be okay for Melbourne?
GEL MONFILS: I hope so. To be honest, like I plan maybe try to hit a little bit middle of this week, and try to serve end of this week and to see. But I really hope so.
I have treatment with my physio, and then maybe I will try to make some x-ray to see exactly what it is. I try to stay positive on my participation for the Australian Open.



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