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Nick Lindalh, Medibank International, Janaury 11, 2010


January 11, 2010

Nick Lindahl


6‑3, 7‑5

Q. Big occasion. Did it take a while to get some rhythm and that kind of thing?
NICK LINDAHL: Yeah, it was pretty gusty. A lot of people. I haven't really played in that atmosphere much, so it was a new occasion. Yeah, took a while to get used to.

Q. Looking at next week, I guess the second set will give a bit of confidence, that if you're playing well you can match those kind of guys?
NICK LINDAHL: Yeah, I started serving better, but I've had a bit of shoulder problems this week. Had to have a few painkillers before the match, and I think it restricted my movent a little bit.
Yeah, was a bit unlucky to have a little niggle, but hopefully next week I'll be fine to play and be fit.

Q. Did you feel like you were getting on top of him there in the second set?
NICK LINDAHL: Yeah, I felt like if just I hang in the points a bit longer and just moved him around a bit more and keep my serve in, I felt like I could have maybe turned it around a bit.
Today was just a bit unlucky.

Q. Is he the highest-ranked player you've played?
NICK LINDAHL: No. I've played higher ranked.

Q. You come away with plenty of positives from that second set?
NICK LINDAHL: Yeah, there was a lot of positives coming out of it. Just, yeah, like I said, I got a bit of a shoulder problem. Hopefully it this goes away.
Melbourne it's hot and good conditions , so just go out there and play.

Q. Did you learn anything about your game today?
NICK LINDAHL: Yeah, I played -- didn't play my proper game today. Just like tried to go for a bit too much. I was a bit nervous.
Just the more I play in that kind of atmosphere the more I get used to it and get more settled.

Q. As an aspiring player and as an Australian, do you feel a lot of expectations with Aussies looking four the next big thing after Lleyton?
NICK LINDAHL: No, I don't feel that. I go out there for myself and try to improve myself, and hopefully just get better and better. Just more exposure at this level, as well. It's gonna make me a better player.

Q. Is there a bit of the Roddick in that service action? Is it Roddick-ish?
NICK LINDAHL: I've always had my own serve. Maybe it looks a bit similar. I don't know. Yeah, not as big as his. (Laughter.)

Q. Maybe he's copying yours?
NICK LINDAHL: No, he's got a better serve.


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