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Carsten Ball, Medibank International, January 12, 2010


January 12, 2010

Carsten Ball


M. FISH/C. Ball
6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk us through that. I know you'll be disappointed with that.
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah, I played pretty well, but I felt like I got off to a bit of slow start. I wasn't feel too good. I guess just bit of nerves, I guess.
But, um, I felt like in the second I started to play better and gave myself a chance in the breaker, but didn't get there.

Q. Do you think after Brisbane and meeting someone like Andy Roddick...
CARSTEN BALL: Well, I felt comfortable playing, but it's never easy playing on a stadium or playing a first round. It's always tough, and obviously playing Mardy who is a very good player.

Q. Are you prepared for all the expectations on your shoulders as you're getting a name for yourself already?
CARSTEN BALL: I don't think so much right now. I think I still got a little ways to go. I think one more year, if I can really put up some good results, then maybe I can hopefully deal with that pressure. Be nice to have it.

Q. Good start in the tiebreak there. 3-1. Were you disappointed that you sort of a let that slip?
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah, the double didn't help. And then I think his serve, he started picking up throughout the second set. I think he found a lot of rhythm, and obviously there was a pretty big factor in the tiebreak.

Q. How much did you learn about your game last week, and what do you think you need to do to go the next step?
CARSTEN BALL: I think I just need to keep playing more and more of these tournaments. I've only played a handful so far. I feel like of how much matches I've played, I'm pretty comfortable and pretty confident playing out there.

Q. You the type after a match you just dissect it in your mind too much, or do you get rid of it because you got next week?
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah, it's not bad to reflect and talk it over and see a few things here and there you could do better.
Again, it's a good experience and another match towards next week.

Q. I guess it's a case of all these matches adding up to experience.
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah. I mean, it all adds to experience every week, you know, playing and playing doubles and getting in the tournaments week after week.

Q. You notice your profile getting bigger in the States, too, because of L.A. and Sam Querrey? Did you notice that?
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah, I think L.A. helped. That was the first time I've ever done well in an ATP event. It was good to do it because close to home so everybody got see me and see me on TV. Yeah, it was good.

Q. Where have you spent more of your time?
CARSTEN BALL: Born and raised in Newport Beach. It's only when I was a teenager that I was coming out here every year.

Q. What made you...
CARSTEN BALL: Well, I was playing Australian Open juniors when I was like 17. I was staying with John Fitzgerald because he was a close friend with my dad. After I made quarters there, they asked me if I'd like to play for Australia and be on their elite squad and stuff like that, so I was thrilled and jumped at the chance.

Q. Do you feel Australian?
CARSTEN BALL: Yeah. I've always been around Australians and my dad and everything. I'm not too far off.


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