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Jankovic Bought a Home in Dubai





February 21, 2012



Jelena Jankovic has a place in Dubai , although she was strangely reluctant to admit it after her first round win at the Dubai Duty Free Championships on Monday. She called questions about it "private", despite the WTA listing her residence as Dubai in their media guide. She did, however, admit to spending time in the Emirate.

"Obviously (it) helps your tennis when you are playing in places you spend time and you love being at and you feel very welcome and the people are nice," she said. "You feel comfortable. It's very good for training. Weather is great and you can prepare well, and as well enjoy some time off the court as well."

As she doesnít acknowledge having a residence she was unable to answer a question posed to her regarding whether she feels more comfortable staying Ďat homeí while competing in the tournament. Most might expect that to be a given, but theyíd be mistaken, according to Roger Federer who does admit to owning a property at the Dubai Marina.

"I could stay in my own bed, but sometimes I do choose to stay at the hotel in Dubai or even in Basel in Switzerland as well, because when Iím sleeping in my own bed I feel like a bit on vacation," he said.

"Itís funny to explain you know, but I am there and the end of the day to try and do well and to win the tournament and not just to feel Iím on vacation but playing a tournament at the same time. So sometimes I do choose to stay at the hotel."


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