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Murray Wants More Points for Davis Cup Play





February 21, 2012



© Daily Tennis News Wire - Andy Murray has voiced his displeasure over the state of Davis Cup participation and ATP ranking points. As a member of a nation living in the junior zonal ranks of the international team competition, the Scot would not have earned any ranking points had he played last weekend when Britain got past Slovakia.

But players from World group nations are awarded the points, which sits badly with the Scot. Murray voiced his complaints to the Foxsports website. "It is, basically, unfair. Not everyone has the luxury of playing in the World group.

"I didn’t like the decision when it was made but it has never really come up for discussion in our player meetings because there has been so much else going on.”

The No. 4, currently training in Florida for the upcoming March hardcourt season in the US, insisted that the points issue is not a factor in how he makes his schedule: "It’s not something I think about when I make a decision whether or not to play.” 

“But that doesn’t alter my opinion. We had a young player, Dan Evans, who did really well and won both his singles but has a low ATP ranking. He really could have done with some points. But the system doesn’t allow for that. It needs to be looked at.”

Murray is due to make long-distance dash from his base in Miami to Dubai for the ATP event there before returning in time to start at Indian Wells in the California desert followed by Miami. he will be preparing to hopefully overcome his embarrassing run of two opening-match losses at the pair of Masters events.


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