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Ivanovic is On a Djokovic Gluten-Free Diet, Sort Of





February 24, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Novak Djokovic has got many players trying to follow in his footsteps and adopting a gluten-free diet, after the success he has enjoyed since he took it on. Ana Ivanovic is one, although she is not letting it dictate her life.

"Well, I try still to avoid pasta and I eat rice. But sometimes you don't have an option, and I'll have a piece of bread if I'm starving and there is nothing else to have," she said. "I just try not to be too obsessed about it. I still try to eat healthy and I avoid some thing that I know they are bad for me.

"You know, most of the people are kind of intolerant to gluten or dairy or whatever it is. I think it's matter of a little bit relaxing and, you know, eating what your body asks for."

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