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Federer Was Oh So Close





February 29, 2012



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Roger Federer came within just one week of equaling Pete Samprasí reign of 286 weeks as world number one. So close and yet so far, does it keep him awake at night? It appears not.

"It doesnít come to my mind," he said. "It would be great having that record, but my life is very much okay without it too. Peteís a good friend of mine and he was an amazing champion for our game, and I donít need to break every record he has.

"I came so close and I could have chased it if I really wanted to. I didnít choose to, and Iím a believer that if I do things the right way it will came back, and if not itís that I was not good enough. Thatís fine for me. Iíll just have to keep working hard and hopefully Iíll get back to it and I can break the record, but right now the focus is elsewhere.

"Obviously this is an Olympic year and that is a big priority for me. If a Slam comes my way Iíll be very happy to take it and Iíve been extremely close, but Iím working hard, Iím taking all the right decisions and hopefully down the road I will pick up a few more.

"(Number one) is a long-term goal. It doesnít drive me on a daily basis, but I feel like if I play really well from here to the US Open obviously there is a shot. But thereís a shot for 10 players so Iím aware Iím not the only one. I feel Iím on a good run right now. Iíve won a lot of tournaments in a short period of time which obviously gives me a lot of confidence.

"But the focus right now is to play well day by day and make sure I get through a tough stretch here from Dubai to Miami and then the clay eventually. So thatís sort of the plan right now, and world number one will probably be decided for the majority of the players between the French and US Open period when there are so many highlights.


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