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Federerís Mind is on The Here and Now, But The Olympics is Present Too





March 2, 2012



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Roger Federer could not be happier with his current game as the former dominator of the sport quietly works to regain the No. 1 ranking he lost several seasons ago to rivals Rafael Nadal followed  Novak Djokovic.

At the Dubai Championships, the Swiss has been on form in opening rounds. But he cannot keep his mind - along with most other top players on the summer London Olympics. And his long-ago statement that he would like to play through the 2012 games is now history.

"I once said that London should not be the end. And why should I exclude Rio (2016), the world No. 3 told "I'd be just 35, and quite a few other players have accomplished amazing achievements at that age.

"Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Games. It is truly historic and unique that Olympic medals are awarded at Wimbledon. For most pros, this tournament will have at least the same rank as a Grand Slam. For some, it's their top event of the year."

Federer admitted that he will be surprised to find himself playing in a Swiss red shirt on the grounds of court No. 1, where traditionally white is the rule during the Wimbledon fortnight. "The tournament will be as spectacular event, and certainly a highlight of the entire Games.

The Swiss said his No. 1 dream is not a daily source of pressure. "I look without any tension. If the summer goes well, it could come. I'd be very happy about that. But I play tennis to win trophies - that's my guiding principle."


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