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Federer Makes it Very Big in Social Media





March 3, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Roger Federer is much more than a master of the courts - the Swiss player has also had to become adept at handling the social media side of his image, a major and expanding part of any celebrity's duties.

Before he was on Facebook, Federer had started his own charity, working with underprivileged children in his mother's native South Africa and elsewhere on the continent.

Now, the No. 3 has to also deal with not only his on-court and charity commitments but work with a staff and management which helps him with Facebook and his website. In fact, with 10 million Facebook followers, he's got more people in his public corner than the population of the Switzerland (7.8 million).

"I don't know if the ten million are on live score or watching my match, but I definitely feel great support by my followers and social network, how they're into it," Federer said as he moved towards the business end of the ATP event in Dubai.

"My website has been up and running since a long time.  The fans have been really so supportive of me since such a long time, and always present in the stadium and showing their colors and support.

"I guess on Facebook or other websites and so forth I know that I also have a lot of the support I try to be as good as I can with information, but I don't like to post too much sometimes.

"I liked to do it when I think it's the right time.  So far, there's not too much complaint.  I guess you can always give more, but then it eventually maybe gets a bit silly if you post too much stuff."

"I try to do what I feel is natural, and so far it's been fun.  It's got to be fun for me and not a must otherwise I wouldn't be doing it."


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