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Being on The Road, Federer Wants to be All Business





March 7, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Experienced world traveler Roger Federer has re-confirmed his preference for staying all business during tournament week, with the Swiss billeting at a luxury hotel instead of his local flat during the Dubai Championships in the emirate.

It's the same for the 16-time Grand Slam winner in his hometown event in Basel, the city where he grew up and learned his world-class skills. What has worked for the Swiss is something that the 30-year-old is not about to change.

"I've stayed at the hotel for a number of years now here. It's like at the Olympics, to be quite honest as well.  I tried in 2008 Beijing as well to stay at the hotel instead of Village really, which I've stayed already," said Federer. 

"You have to stay in the routine that you have, otherwise it kind of plays with your mind. I've said if I stay at home I feel like I'm on vacation for some reason.  It's like packing your bags out your normal closet just makes no sense to me sometimes."

What is considered a "normal" hotel for multi-millionaire Federer would certainly mean five stars. But last week, the multiple Dubai champion I staying along with fellow elites Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at the seven start Burj al-Arab, where all rooms are basically two-level townhouses.

"I don't mind the hotel life, obviously it's a nice one here," said the Swiss, who always travels with his wife and twin daughters. "But it helps the focus just having everything every week it's like this."

His only break with routine on the circuit comes at Wimbledon, where the family rent a suitable home close to the club. "That's where it's tricky.  You want to try to make that work when you're renting a house, which is completely different again in itself. 

"But I've always done that over all these years at Wimbledon, so that feels sort of natural, too."


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