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Less Than Perfect Start in 2012 Doesn’t Bother Djokovic





March 13, 2012



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There is never a doubt with Novak Djokovic as the Serb works to try and duplicate much of his success from last season on the ATP. The top seed got off to a fast start at the Indian Wells Masters, one of ten events he won in a superlative 2011.

The world No. 1 believes he's riding a confidence wave which will not be derailed by a few losses here and there. He is back on court just over a week after going down to Andy Murray in a Dubai semi-final, a tournament he won a year ago.

"I think there was always belief in me that I could actually do it," the 24-year-old said of his success. "I went through the tough times where I didn't know really if I can make it, if I can overcome two biggest rivals and two most dominant players in the game in last seven, eight years (Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal)."

But Djokovic said he and his team carried on as he finally breached the gap to take over the top ATP ranking last summer after winning Wimbledon against Rafael Nadal.

"I always believed, and I think that prevailed.  That belief gave me the extra confidence that I needed in the important matches.  I think that was the reason why I had such a great year last year"

“The Serb added that event when he stood third behind his rivals, he was still pleased with his career. "But it just wasn't enough, I always dreamed of being No. 1, winning majors, especially Wimbledon, so I always had high expectations for myself, my ambitions.

"I knew that in the back of my mind I wouldn't be satisfied with No. 3, I always wanted to be the best. I think that desire helped me a lot."


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