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Djokovic Yet to Commit to Davis Cup





March 16, 2012



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Novak Djokovic will not commit yet to play Davis Cup against the Czech republic in Prague during the second weekend of April. The Czechs have announced that tie will be held on clay, which makes it more convenient for all the players as they will be headed into the clay court season post Miami, but Djokovic isn't sure who it will fit in his schedule, especially if he goes deep at the Sony Ericsson Open again.

“I don't want to make any assumptions or predictions what's gonna happen,” he said. “Right now I'm entered in Serbia Open, so I'm intending of playing it.  But I still am not certain the way how my tournaments are going to go now in the States and Monte Carlo. Again, it depends, as well, for Miami what's gonna happen for Davis Cup.  I definitely always look forward to play for my country, but the schedule is getting more difficult nowadays.”


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