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March 16, 2012



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Wednesday the WTA released its eighth quarterly summary of key statistics comparing the last year under the old circuit (2008) with how the game is being played today.

The study, called the “Roadmap Report”, is a quarterly analysis of players participation rates and withdrawal rates that compare the state of the game today to the way it was prior to the Roadmap.

The analysis shows that compared to the circuit from January – March, 2008 with the period from January – March 2012:

  • Top Player participation is up 28% in the Tour’s top nine Premier events

  • Despite some injuries to top players overall withdrawals are down 33%

  • Prize money is up by 51% at WTA events

Four years ago, the calendar for women’s tennis was substantially changed in response to concerns from players that the season was too long and grueling. Far too many players were withdrawing from tournaments due to injury and fatigue. Fans didn’t know if players would show up and the WTA had a problem.

As a result, the WTA’s players and tournaments created the Roadmap - the most sweeping changes ever to the women’s tennis circuit. The Roadmap shortened and streamlined the season; increased prize money and bonus pool payouts; provided more breaks for top players; and reduced top player tournament commitments - all with the goal that our players would be healthier and as a result increasingly show up for the tournaments they committed to.

In addition to the positive Roadmap results, the WTA over the past 24 months has secured US$160 million in sponsorship, television and WTA Championships revenues.

Additionally WTA attendance in 2011 at Premier events was up by 12% from 2010 and television viewership was up by 78% from 2010 to 2011.


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