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Simon Says Grunting in Matches is Being Addressed





March 21, 2012



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WTA board of directors member Steve Simon has been around long enough to remember who started the grunting trend of the WTA, so he's not taking hard line when it comes to immediately stopping women players from emitting loud sounds, but he did say it's a topic on the table

“It's on every agenda,” Simon said. “We sit there and have this conversation.”

Simon’s two co-tournament directors at Indian Wells,  Charlie Pasarell and Raymond Moore, are no fans of grunting, and Moore brought up the example of Mardy Fish being called for hindrance against Matthew Ebden at Indian Wells when Fish  yelled out "C'mon" before  Ebden had a chance to stroke the ball.

“I actually talked with the USTA president that night, and I said, 'If that's interference, how come you don't apply it to the women who are grunting and shrieking after every single point?' Moore asked.  “I mean, they fined Mardy Fish a point, and a very important point, too, I don't know how they're gonna do it.  It's the people that, you know, that make the rules that may have to do something.

Pasarell's opinion of grunting is: “I wish it wouldn't happen. I think like most everybody.”

Simon does not believe there is an immediate solution and says that officials have to start working on preventing it in the Challenger and Futures level.

“It's pretty hard to tell somebody at this point, 'You can't grunt anymore,'” Simon said.  “This isn't new. It started with Monica [Seles] a long time ago is when it first came up. To go out and tell them, 'You can't do that anymore, and then they start losing, you're going down a whole different path now. It's a challenging question. I don't think there is really a good answer for it. But if you did, you'd have to start it young and slowly put it in through the years.”


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