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Djokovic Looking Forward to Colorful Olympics Outfits





March 27, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Novak Djokovic expects to be delighted by the temporary suspension of the traditional all-while attire rule when the Summer Olympic tennis event is held at Wimbledon in August.

"The first thing that comes on my mind is the color difference," said the Serb. "This is going to be interesting to see, because we all know that Wimbledon has a long tradition and history of all white on the court, dress code.

"But during the Olympics they allow to have the national colors, so we'll see how that's gonna look."

Djokovic will be back at the club just a few weeks after this summer's edition of the grass-court Championships. "The Olympics is right at the top of the priority list.  So I'm really looking forward to that experience.

"The Olympic Games are the most prestigious and the most important sports event in the history of sport. I had this privilege to be representing my country in 2008 Beijing Olympics where I've met a lot of world top athletes."


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