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Miami Women's Saturday Summary





March 31, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Sony Ericsson Open
Saturday Men's Summary

Singles - Final: (5) Agnieszka Radwanska def. (2) Maria Sharapova 7-5 6-4
It was a hot afternoon, but Agnieszka Radwanska -- who, after all, is smaller than Maria Sharapova and is better at shedding heat -- kept her cool. Sharapova seemed much more rattled, wasting two challenges in just one game and finally cracking in the first set. The key break in the second set also came toward the end. Radwanska was never broken.
The result doesn't affect the rankings; Sharapova will remain #2 and Radwanska #4. But Radwanska's results in the last year have been amazing -- five titles (San Diego, Pan Pacific, Beijing, Dubai, and now Miami). Those are all Premier events; two of them are Premier Mandatories. She is 61-18 in the last year (77.2%). She has 11 wins over Top Ten players. She may be a mere #4, but frankly, it looks as if she will be going higher.


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