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Sharapova Prefers Being On The Court Rather Than On The Red Carpet





March 31, 2012



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Maria Sharapova, the world's top earning women's athlete off court and endorses a slew of big companies, says that she is more comfortable on court than she off court on the  red carpet.  "There is nothing more mortifying than the red carpet," she told reporters.

"It's only about like a minute experience, but it's really terrifying and it's, I don't want to say "fake," but it's a very, it's one big illusion, to be honest.  The things you see on a red carpet, everything is perfect, the image of a person there dressed beautifully with hair and makeup and wonderful styling.  I come home an hour later and I take everything off, and, you know, where did all that glamour go? So, I mean, I love what I do.  I love playing tennis, and I know that thing that ultimately wins me matches is the hard work I put on the court.

“When I have tough things in my life going on, when I go on court it's like it's like my oasis."


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