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Lendl to be Honored in Barcelona in April





March 31, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Ivan Lendl will get the star treatment from the Barcelona Open when he travels to the clay court event next month to guide pupil Andy Murray. Lendl, 51, claimed the title in Spain's tennis capital in 1980 and 1981 and will hoping to help Murray to a breakthrough success at Catalonia.

While his major duties will be working with world No. 3 Murray, Lendl will take time on Thursday, April 26 to receive his honor from the tournament where Rafael Nadal rules. The ceremony will be part of celebrations of the 60th edition of the tournament held at the Real Club de Tenis.

US-based Lendl reached at least one major final for eleven consecutive years and won eight major trophies, led by three on clay at Roland Garros.

Murray, who has lost three major finals, can take courage from his coach, who lost four before starting his own streak of success three decades ago.

"I'm able to deal with a bad loss a lot better," said Murray. "Having Ivan around helps, he's been through many of those experiences. A year or two ago there would be a problem or I'd play a bad match and rather than getting the issue sorted out it would drag on for a little while and affect my practice

"Ivan knows the right advice to give. I obviously ask him questions about what he would have done and how he would deal with certain situations."


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