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Murray Excited About Opportunity to Play at London Olympics






2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Andy Murray's elder brother, doubles specialist Jamie, is getting excited by the idea of playing the Olympics at home at Wimbledon. And he thinks that crowd support for British players will be - naturally - huge.

If the Murray brothers play together as planned their presence will be massive as crowd-puller. "I think doubles is more of an Olympic sport than the singles because you've got that team aspect to it," Jamie told the BBC. "Maybe there's more patriotism in terms of the people watching.

"You're there as a team playing for Britain; it's not Murray and Murray. It felt to me at the last Olympics that doubles was more of an Olympic sport in how the fans interacted with it."

Murray, 26, can feel his excitement growing. "There are so many tennis events, to think about one that's like a year away is not really normal for a tennis player," he said. "Now it's only a couple of months away I'm definitely looking forward to it, excited to play.

"There are so many unique things about it - it's a home Olympics, I'm playing with my brother, it's being played at Wimbledon - you couldn't really write that."


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