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Sharapova Disputes Azarenka’s WTA Rules Interpretation







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Victoria Azarenka's Twitter outburst against her interpretation of WTA top player entry requirements has drawn zero sympathy from world No.2 Maria Sharapova as the rivalry between the top two in the world heats up.

Azarenka complained that she had to play with a shoulder injury in Rome, due to regulations requiring top players to enter certain key events or risk sanctions. She won her first match and then withdrew moments later from the event to live within the letter of the law.

Sharapova said that she prefers just to pay the fine and not risk her body if she's not fully fit for a mandatory tournament. "She (Azarenka) is probably injured more than any other player (who is) number one," said the Russian.

"Last year she had more retirements (five) than anyone but played a full schedule. After two days you would see her practicing. It's tough to know what her state is and what she is feeling.

"If I'm injured -- however big or small the fine is -- health is the most important thing. You pay the fine or take the zero points."


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