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Federer Not Happy With ITF Rule For Olympic Eligibility







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Roger Federer will not bow to pressure to increase his Davis Cup playing workload for the 2016 Rio Olympics if it does not suit his personal tennis rhythm and schedule over the next few seasons.

That's the word from the understated, but steely, Swiss after a surprise diktat handed by the International Tennis Federer, which without true consultation - doubled the number of David Cup ties which must be played from two to four for potential Olympic players.

That does not site well with Federer and the other tennis elites, who already deal with tight schedules and may not prepared to shoulder more work at the whim of London bureaucrats.

Federer, president of the ATP Player Council, told London's Times that he is not on board with the ruling, which came after a non-meeting in Miami on the issue in the spring with tennis chiefs.

"I disagree with this completely," said the 30-year-old, a 16-time Grand Slam champion.  "I was in the room when the ITF presented this to us and I was not asked about it before the decision was made. They might as well have just sent us a letter.

"The ITF makes it seem as if playing in the Davis Cup is the only place in tennis where you represent your country. That isn't right at all. They are forcing people to play, almost, and that is not a good vibe. (ITF head Francesco) Ricci Bitti knows where I stand on this and all the others at the ITF do as well.

"I will have to see what happens. I am focused on this year and I will make sure that whatever schedule I have for next year best suits me," he said after complaining that players were given no saying the decision-making process.

Years ago, Federer had suggested he would retire after this summer's London games, a plan which has obviously been torn up as he threatens a return to world No. 1 which currently standing third behind Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.


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