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Williams Says Her Health Will Determine Her Olympic Schedule







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Venus Williams said that her health will decide if she can play two doubles events at the London Olympics, with the 2008 Beijing gold medalist hoping to team successfully with sister Serena in that event.

The gold medalist at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney is still intent of contesting this year’s Games on her beloved Wimbledon grass, whether it be at singles, doubles or even mixed doubles.

Venus enthused: “The Olympics is just the ultimate in sports.  I grew up watching those documentaries.  My dad had us watch them.  It was his dream for us to play there.

“Once I got a taste of it, it was just amazing.  Every time I leave the Olympics I go through withdrawals.  It's the pinnacle of sports.  I love it there.  That's the reason why I'm here, on the court today.”

Williams, 32, next month and dealing with her auto-immune disease, joined her sibling in exiting the French Open in the opening days, losing to third seed Agnieszka Radwanska as rain fell at the end.

The elder Williams is hoping to play doubles and possibly mixed doubles at the London Games, but is expecting her sibling to do much of the heavy lifting on court. "Doubles is definitely a priority for me because we will have to defend my title.  If I can get Serena to do all the work... she will have to be in the best shape of her life.

"I have to see and see what I'm elected for. Maybe doubles and mixed is better for me. For me, any medal in any event, even if it was the javelin, that's a medal.

"I need to get a medal; I'm going to try. I think that the mixed doubles is selected on site.  At that point, I'll see how I'm feeling and what the best thing is for me.  I can't say what that is now.  In two months I could have like a major breakthrough and be close to my old self.  I don't know."


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