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Bartoli & French Federation to Begin Talks







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Marion Bartoli and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) might be ready to start mending fences.

Bartoli had told an American reporter during Rome that because the FFT was not going to nominate for the Olympic team because she had refused to play Fed Cup under its rules, that she would go to "war" with French Tennis Federation after the Olympics.

Like the U.S., the FFT does not allow private coaches during Fed Cup weeks. Bartoli  has refused to play for France under those conditions because she has insists that her father and coach Walter must be there with her and has only played one tie in her entire career in 2004.

Under current rules, a player must maker herself available for Fed Cup for two ties during the two years prior to the Games. Bartoli has not made herself available under those circumstances. The FFT has said it will not change its team rules just to suit one player.

"The Olympics is last thing the [FFT] has and they can play their cards into the Olympics, but after that it's going to be hard on them because then it's my turn to criticize them," she said. "For 15 years I have not been saying anything, but after the Olympics it's going to be the start of a really big war, trust me."

In an interview this week with La Depeche du Midi, FFT boss Jean Gachassin said she had sent a letter to the FFT apologizing for those comments.

"We will see, that's true," Bartoli said after her second round loss in Paris. "It's a good thing if we can meet so that we can clarify things and start again anew. But it's difficult for me to make any projections on this. From the relations point of view, you know, to have healthy and positive relationships, and I think that Jean's attitude, he was kind, he was sympathizing with me.  He supported me on a number of matches. So I think it was really kind.  Well, that's what I mean. Starting with good relationships with him.  Then we'll talk about the future."


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