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Haas is Not Ready to Retire







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Tommy Haas is showing that over-30 tennis can thrive in today's game, with the German using his experience to advance at the French Open.  The 33-year-old father of an 18-month-old daughter and ranked No. 112 said there is no reason he cannot continue for a few more seasons as well

"When you are 30 you also don't want to maybe realize that your time is over yet and you want to continue to play and enjoy this game, because you know that one day it will be over," said LA-based Haas. "You might as well just enjoy it while you can."

Haas earned his wins at this Roland Garros edition the hard way, coming through qualifying rounds to claim a main draw place. The former No. 2 achieved his best Paris result a decade ago as he reached the fourth round.

The German believes that longevity trends have been developing over some years in the ATP game. "A lot has to do with maybe we're also taking care of our bodies much more and realizing you have to be in great shape.  When you're in great shape you can go maybe a little bit longer.

"Maybe times have changed.  Even back when I started playing everybody retired at age 30, 31.  Michael Stich, Becker, Edberg, all these guys that I sort of looked up to playing, they left the game during that time.

"One of my other idols, Agassi showed us that it's possible to play unbelievable tennis at age 34, 35, 36 if you keep yourself in great shape."


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