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Sharapova Admits to Being an International People Watcher







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
If she didn't have a full-time job as the highest-paid woman in sport, Maria Sharapova has her own dream of the perfect lifestyle .

The self-confessed people-watcher and French Open semi-finalist has dubbed Paris one of the best world cities for indulging in her not-so-secret passion. "It's the best here, so eclectic, but Tokyo is up there, too," said the Russian whose LA base is not too shabby either for unusual people spotting purposes.

"I love people watching in Tokyo.  It's pretty unique. Paris is another level, I wish I could take everyone's style and put it in so many cities around the world we visit."

Sharapova has her specific criteria for what makes a good view from a Parisian sidewalk cafe table. "I love the way that people go about their lives and the way they sit at cafes like a few centimeters from the cars going by.  They seem to enjoy it.  Everyone sits close to each other.  You're listening or eavesdropping into their conversations."

In her fantasy life, the highest-earning woman in world sport considers what it would be like to live the Paris dream. "I could eat at L'Avenue every single day, have the escargot and the little strawberries they have for dessert, gain like 20 pounds.

"But that's all right.  They (Parisians) walk everywhere and they bike.  That would help."


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