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Nike is Quick to Call Attention to Federer’s Success 







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Nike’s advertising campaigns are some of the most memorable ever known for sporting goods and the Beaverton, Oregon company has wasted no time in capitalizing on Roger Federer’s return to the world no.1 position after last Sunday’s Wimbledon triumph.

With Federer’s annual income calculated to be somewhere close to $50 million a year, Nike tops his list of endorsements along with Rolex watches, Credit Suisse financial services, Mercedes-Benz cars, Lindt chocolate, Gillette toiletries and Wilson rackets. So clearly Nike was not going to hesitate to use Federer’s latest triumph as a marketing tool.

New Federer ads are using the fact that the Swiss is this week tied with another long term Nike man Pete Sampras on top of the all-time weeks spent as the world no.1 and next Monday guaranteed to break another new record. The slogan on a bold black and white image states: “286. Legacy Solidified. The Countdown Begins.”

But while Nike alludes to the fact that Federer is indeed the Greatest Player of All Time (GOAT), the man himself struck a modest chord. Following the rigors of Wimbledon and the aftermath of a hectic spring schedule that saw the 30 year-old win the Madrid tournament, reach the French Open semi-final and progress to the final in Halle, he is currently holiday in Sardinia with his wife and daughters.

But before leaving, Federer insisted it is wrong to compare him with Sampras, Rod Laver or any other great name from the past. “I don't feel better than anyone, because we need past champions to pave the way for our generation and we have become very professional," he said.

"They have led the way and inspired myself and other players to chase the big records out there.

Federer, like Sampras and Englishman William Renshaw from the 1880’s has now won seven Wimbledon men’s singles titles. But he said: “I don't think you can compare different eras in tennis."

"Back in the day they weren't doing that, they were just playing to play tennis. Things have changed dramatically with the press reminding us 'you should do this and win that and you'll be considered the greatest of all time’.”


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