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Djokovic Says American Tennis Is Not Where It Was







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Novak Djokovic has plenty of worries on his mind as he heads into his first title defense at the US Open - but the perilous state of American tennis is not one of the topics giving him any sleepless nights.

With the national Grand Slam now underway amid some of the rain which has pushed the last four finals back to Monday finishes, the talk inevitably turns to the lack of Yank success in the past decade, since Andy Roddick lifted the last major title for the Americans at Flushing Meadows in 2003.

"USA is a huge country, one of the most influential countries in the world, and I'm sure that tennis tradition is something that is nurtured over the years," said Serbian world number two Djokovic. "I'm sure that the new wave of success in tennis, men's tennis, for United States is coming," said the man who led Serbia's breakthrough a few seasons ago.

"It's just impossible not to expect to not have any success from a system like this, having obviously USTA, organization that invests a lot in the young talents. I'm sure that they are coming up... it's normal to have ups and downs in the life."

John Isner, winner of the Winston-Salem title at the weekend, is the only American in the top 10, clinging onto the tenth spot on the ATP list.


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