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An Executive Summary of today's Daily Tennis News

Friday, January 11, 2013


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Umpires At The Open Will Be Fair And Consistent

Australian Open tournament referee Wayne McKewen called for calm amidst growing player angst at the newly instigated ATP World Tour time rulings and ordered his chair umpires to employ common sense and good judgment.


Players To Discuss Time Violations In Melbourne, Council In Favor

The ATP players will hold a general meeting in Melbourne this coming weekend and the recently adopted decision for umpires to come down on competitors who go over the 25 second rule will be hot topic of discussion.




Azarenka Is Ready To Play

Victoria Azarenka is fit to take her place at the top of the draw at the Australian Open, with the No. 1 confirming that the toe infection from her pedicure-gone-wrong is now almost fully healed.

"I'm feeling really good, and if you're asking about my foot, it's feeling much better over the last couple of days,Ē said the Belarus player. "The scary part is in the past as it happened in Brisbane (last week). I'm really glad, I can practice full time right now."


Fitness Is The Word Of The Tournament

With temperatures again nudging the 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark at the Australian Open, the tournament is renowned as being a battle of the fittest and US Open champion Andy Murray is perfectly placed to again come out on top.




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Tennis Job of the Week

Greensboro CC, Greensboro, North Carolina is seeking an assistant pro. Email


Tennis Jobs of the Day

Texas A&M, Kingsville, Texas, is seeking a Head Womenís Coach. 361 543 2111.

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