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An Executive Summary of today's Daily Tennis News

Monday, December 9, 2013


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Del Potro May Change His Mind About Playing Davis Cup

Juan Del Potro may roll back his vow to skip Davis Cup for the second straight season, with the Argentine world No. 5 conceding that he might take a fresh look at the matter in time for the April quarter-finals. He will not participate in the first round tie at home in February the week after the end of the Australian Open, but might be willing to return to the team afterwards.



Oudin Not Sure When She Can Return

Melanie Oudin’s career could be in trouble. The 2009 US Open quarterfinalist recently revealed that she is suffering from rhabdomyolysis, which might be caused by too much exertion and can lead to extensive kidney damage. Oudin is now sidelined and thinks she might have over trained when putting in sometimes more than six hours a day on court and off.

Doctors have limited her to one hour a day of running, but she isn't allowed to play tennis or lift weights.



Fernandez breaks down young players’ prospects

US Fed Cup captain Mary Joe Fernandez is counting on Serena Williams to lead her team to the promise land in 2014, but while Williams can more or less be counted on to win every match she contests (she’s 13-0 in Fed Cup play), it will likely be the US’ No. 2 singles player who will determine whether the squad can win its first Fed Cup crown since 2000.


Rafter And Henman Played Tennis As In The Good Old Days

Serve and volley coming from both sides of the net is now an almost extinct tennis art form but Patrick Rafter and Tim Henman proved it is still possible in the final of London’s Statoil Masters with the Australian coming out on top with an impressive display that suggested he could still out maneuver a few current day players on the main ATP World Tour.


Hewitt Honored As Australia’s Best Of The Year But Dokic Is Watching For Next Year

Lleyton Hewitt won Australia’s top tennis award, the Newcombe Medal for his perseverance and refusal to bow to injury but if the ceremony were to be held just a couple of months later, there is now a distinct chance Jelena Dokic would have merited a special mention for the same qualities.



Rusedski Urges Murray To Set His Goal To Be Number One

Former British player and current television pundit Greg Rusedski has made big plans - in his own head - for compatriot Andy Murray, with the Canadian-born former US Open finalist suggesting that Murray make it his goal to take over the No. 1 ranking someday. That thought might have also entered Murray's mind as the Scot recovers his fitness in Florida after September back surgery.


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