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An Executive Summary of today's Daily Tennis News

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Murray Opts To Remain In Florida Training And Skip Awards Presentation

The sporting awards season is in full swing but Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has compromised his chances of winning the prestigious BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in his native Great Britain, held next Sunday, by deciding not to attend the ceremony and remain at his Miami training camp.



Nadal Is Playing Poker And Skips Tennis

Rafael Nadal, taking just a few weeks off from tennis, is today in Prague fulfilling his obligations of being a PokerStars ambassador and will tomorrow contest a live charity poker tournament in the Czech capital.




Tomic Camp Pleased With Zovko

Bernard Tomic says that his new co-coach, Croatian Velimir Zovko, has already established a good repertoire with his suspended father, John.



Shanghaiís Fake Federer Is Exciting The Public

A fake "Roger Federer" has managed to take advantage of widespread public gullibility in Shanghai, with the faux Federer - who looks, sounds or appears absolutely nothing like the Swiss real thing - passing himself off as the great man himself on the streets of the metropolis.



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