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Murray Mom Finally Responds To Becker






Judy Murray has finally made a response to criticism from Boris Becker three years ago that her son Andy would not win a grand slam title until she was on the sidelines. Wimbledon champion Murray won the title at the All England club last summer, under the tutelage of Ivan Lendl, since departed from the coaching team.

Judy Murray was the first coach of her younger son and makes no apologies in a pre-Wimbledon interview with Radio Tomes magazine. "If I were the dad of sons, I wouldn’t have been noticed. There’s something about a competitive mum, especially when the children are male.

"Boris Becker had a go at me a couple of years ago, saying Andy wouldn’t win a slam until he got rid of me. I thought: ‘I’ve never met you. You don’t know Andy. You don’t know anything about us.’ But because Boris was saying it, I thought people would think, ‘She must be an absolute nightmare’."

The British Fed Cup captain who is often in the player box at Andy's big matches, said that watching the tennis is often the only time she gets to see her world No. 5 offspring.

“I have my own life and I’m always busy. If I want to see my children, watching them play is often the easiest way. I don’t smile when I watch Andy because I’m totally focused. If he looks up, he doesn’t want to see me laughing. But if you ask anyone else I work with, I love having fun.”

Judy also revealed she and Andy’s  girlfriend Kim Sears can sometimes be found in the kitchen of her son's mansion whipping up the deserts that she loves. “She’s fabulous. I tell Andy how lucky he is. She makes amazing red velvet cupcakes. I’m serious about cake. A Victoria sponge with jam in the middle and icing on top is heaven.”

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