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The Injured Robson Will Be In Wimbledon, But In A Broadcast Booth






Laura Robson is adjusting to being in the booth instead of on the court at this year's Wimbledon. With the 20-year-old still sidelined following wrist surgery, she will be taking part in the tournament as a commentator for BBC.

She has been receiving some training for the position, and has been told to speak naturally but with emphasis. "My voice is apparently quite monotone, so when something is fantastic, it isn't 'fantastic', it's 'fan-tas-tic,'" she said.

Robson said that she had at first found it tough to watch other players after undergoing surgery, but decided to take up the gig at the tournament rather than following it on television.

"I am getting more and more used to it because I am doing more stuff with other players. I did a BBC interview with [Maria] Sharapova yesterday. But do I really want to be a part of it? Do I want to be at Wimbledon every day when I know I can’t play? Unavoidable, I guess. If I were staying at home, there would be so much coverage about it so I wouldn’t be tennis-free anyway so I thought, ‘Why not go big," she said.

As a preview, she offered her analysis of her fellow up-and-comers during the French Open. "I think it’s a fantastic thing for young players to come through and everyone was waiting for that point, my age group or the year above to start doing better in Slams," she said.

Genie [Bouchard] has definitely done that, and [Garbiñe] Muguruza has played really well. For [French finalist Simona] Halep, she has always been a great player but in the last year or so she has got so much better, basically. I thought she played fantastically well."

Robson, who has also withdrawn from the US Open, says she is still working out her scheduled return to the game.


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