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Former Champion Wade Is Negative On Mauresmo-Murray Team






Virginia Wade caused a national sensation in Britain when she became the 1977 Wimbledon ladies champion and she’s done it again 37 years later, this time insisting that she thought Andy Murray’s appointment of Amelie Mauresmo, was a joke and insisting she cannot see how it will work.

Criticism of defending Wimbledon men’s champion Murray is nothing new for 68 year-old Wade.  Two years ago at the French Open she accused the Scot of being a ‘drama queen’ when he was troubled by back issues that eventually required him to undergo surgery last September.

Now Wade has been left baffled by Murray turning to the 2006 Australian Open and Wimbledon champion as a replacement for Ivan Lendl who quit the post in March. “Mauresmo was a total shock, I thought they were all fooling around,” said the 68 year-old. “I can't work it out at all.”

Wade insists she has no criticism of Mauresmo as a former champion but does not think she possesses the coaching credentials to step into Lendl’s role. “She was a great player, she's a great person,” said Wade. “I think she was a little fragile mentally because she had the capabilities of beating everybody.

"She's laid back, she's a very nice, mature person. You like to try to get behind people's thinking but I can't really with this one. You try to see what somebody's going to offer that player.

"Unless he just needs somebody there to say 'well done', which is possible too. As a player you need somebody to endorse you sometimes and not try to change anything.”

Wade continued: "I have to say I thought Lendl would be a difficult choice but that was very successful. In the end it's the individual who's playing who has to appreciate the input.

"Unfortunately as a coach your time does get dated because what you say gets a little bit repetitive after a while and the player needs a fresh input. I think basically he (Murray) dictates what he wants to do and the coach adds in between the lines."

Murray was only prepared to give a one-line answer when questioned on Wade’s comments and whether he was astounded at her timing, immediately before his title defense . “No,” he said. “She’s done it a few times before with me. It doesn’t surprise me.”


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