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Wilson Launches A Roger Federer Autograph Racquet As Part Of New Pro Staff Line






A new Roger Federer Autograph racquet is part of a Pro Staff line of four models from Wilson that is being introduced to retailers this month.

After three years of development and dozens of prototypes, Roger Federer and Wilson officially announced the new Wilson Pro Staff line of rackets, which they collaborated in developing. The new Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Roger Federer Autograph delivers the precise feel Federer demands with a larger sweet spot and more power.

The racquet will be unveiled closer to the projected October 1, 2014 in-store delivery date. 

The re-engineered Pro Staff models feature a 26 percent wider racket beam providing for a significant boost in power.  Compared to Federerís previous racket, the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is seven percent larger, resulting in a 10 percent larger sweet spot that consistently produces more power for Federer and for tennis enthusiasts. Wilsonís use of braided graphite and Kevlar maintain the consistent feel that players have come to know in the Pro Staff line.

Secretly, Wilson hopes the success of the Roger Federer Autograph will match that of Wilsonís Jack Kramer Autograph model. It became the best-selling racquet of all time. It was so successful that eventually Wilson bought out Kramerís contract and Kramer used the proceeds to buy a golf club in Chino, California.

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