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Djokovic Will Have A Busy Two Months 






Novak Djokovic will focus his mind on things other than tennis in the next few days as he marries long-time girlfriend Jelena Ristic but before he and coach Boris Becker said their temporary farewells, the next aim was identified at the upcoming US Open with the German admitting: “We are looking good.”

And Djokovic insisted that, although there were many doubters who wondered whether his tie-up with Becker was no more than a publicity stunt, initial patience was required. However he was certain of the validity and said: “You can’t expect the relationship to start off right away with a Grand Slam title.

“Boris said he knew I had the game to win this tournament and I just needed to hang in there, stay tough, regardless of what I went through on the court.”

Djokovic continued to explain: “We tried to spend as much time together as possible on the court, off the court, talking through the emotions that I go through, my game, my mindset. But we are different persons and it took some time for us to get that understanding going and also the right chemistry.

“The last couple of months were very successful and Marian Vajda – my other coach who has been with me since my first ATP title – contributed to that. It wasn’t part of the schedule for Marian to be in Rome but he graciously accepted to be there and we won the tournament, the three of us. That was actually the time when I started feeling much closer to Boris and when I understood what message he is trying to convey to me.”

Djokovic won the title at New York’s Flushing Meadows in 2011, following on from his initial Wimbledon triumph. But he has been forced to suffer defeat in the final three times, against Roger Federer in 2007, Rafael Nadal in 2010 and the man from Mallorca again last year.

Becker believes the mental strength Djokovic gained at the All England Club on Sunday, from breaking a run of three Grand Slam final defeats, will be hugely important at the US Open.

And Becker believes the evidence is now irrefutable that the recipe for success when it comes to winning majors, is to tap into the knowledge and experience of great players from the past. Andy Murray proved it with Ivan Lendl, finding a new previously unattainable level, and now the case seems to be the same with Djokovic and Becker.

Ever since Becker began working with Djokovic at the start of the year, there have been doubts about the validity of the relationship and certainly in the first few months of their liaison, the Serb only found consistent form when Marian Vajda was called back into the camp.

Now Becker insists: “I think it was time for the top players to understand that if they want to improve and get a bit more knowledge – and it’s the same in any business – then they need to go to the established ones, the veterans who have done it before for many, many years.”

And Becker believes that his great rival Stefan Edberg will continue to give Sunday’s runner up, Roger Federer, an added edge to ward off advancing age. Federer will be 33 year’s old in exactly a month’s time but Becker said: “Stefan knows a lot more about tennis than 99% of the people involved in the sport. And I’m not far behind him.

“I am including Ivan [Lendl] in that list too. It’s obvious what Ivan brought to Murray and then you’ve also got people like McEnroe, guys that live and breathe the sport. I think it’s a smart decision from today’s players to say, ‘Listen, why don’t we talk a little bit?’ because unless you’ve been there, you don’t know what it’s like.”

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