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Police Arrest Man Who Threatened Kvitova








Czech police arrested a man on Friday for threatening Petra Kvitova, on the same day the Wimbledon champion was criticized by political figures for moving to Monaco.

The man, who was not identified, had threatened a "publicly known person" on the phone to someone else, said a police spokesperson. Czech tennis spokesperson Karel Tejkal said there had been no contact with Kvitova, adding, Police did a great job."

It is not known whether there was any connection with comments made by a Czech politician that Kvitova was unpatriotic for moving to Monaco. Kvitova, like many other tennis players including compatriot Tomas Berdych, went to the tax-free principality about 10 months ago.

"I think that we should all have a long and hard think about the fact that if someone leaves the Czech Republic and becomes a member of another state, then they should lose their Czech citizenship,'' Social Democrat MP Stanislav Huml said, with others also quoted in a Czech newspaper criticizing the player.

Kvitova has not responded publicly to the comments.

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