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Davydenko gives his view of the infamous match

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Nikolay Davydenko, center of the ATP’s ongoing investigation into the match at August’s Sopot Open in Poland when the unusual batting patterns caused internet gambling exchange Betfair to suspend business, has given his view of the issue for the first time.

Davydenko started impressively before eventually retiring against Argentine Martin Vassallo Arguello with the score 2-6 6-3 2-1. “I was winning first set and then I called the physio because I started to feel pain in my left toes. It was not fast but coming slowly more and more,” said the 26 year-old Russian.

“I started to move badly and couldn’t get to any balls. The people saw and something completely change because I couldn’t run. Then I did some a mistake and tried to play faster because we were on a clay court. Mentally I was tired but the reason I lost was my injury. So I thought it was better I retired from the match.”


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