Wilson Is Releasing Dimitrov’s Customized Racket

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Wilson is releasing its Grigor Dimitrov-customized racket, the Wilson Pro Staff 97S, for sale to customers this week.

The central new features of the racket include a bigger frame, 97 square inches, and Wilson’s ‘Spin Effect’ technology. The company says the technology offers 12 inches more room for error and sends the ball two inches higher above the net, while a bigger frame generally allows for more power and a bigger sweet spot.

Dimitrov switched to a Spin Effect racket more than a year ago, saying in an official Wilson statement following his semifinal appearance at Wimbledon, “The upside of switching to Spin Technology was very clear and positive. I immediately started hitting more spin, kept more balls in play, and right away got my best Grand Slam performance.”

The No. 19 then experimented with several models, showing up with a black frame at the Paris Indoors and at the beginning of the season. He played with the official version of the racquet at the US Open.

But he has not had a great season, reaching only one semifinal and two quarterfinals as well as stopping with his coach, Roger Rasheed, following which he returned to the Good to Great academy and is now starting with Juan Martin del Potro’s former coach Franco Davin.

However, he sees the racket change as an investment.

“That is why I changed my racket, in the long-term it is going to help me a lot,” the 24-year-old Bulgarian told SI. “There were a few moments I felt a little uncomfortable because it was my first time playing with it.

“I was able to put my game and myself on the line to make sure I found the right thing.”

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.