Valencia Open will not return to Valencia in 2016

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Juan Carlos Ferrero

Juan Carlos Ferrero, director of Valencia Open, and David Serrahima, executive director, have been talking with the media about their anger with ‘Generalitat Valenciana’ (government institutions). Both said that the tournament won’t be held next year in Valencia but they hope to come back in future years.

Ferrero has been clear: “We have the support of the players, fans and sponsors, and we are very disappointed because it is the last time that we see the tournament in Valencia. We feel anger with the institutions: in 2014 we had an agreement with the previous government and it wasn’t done and with the new government we feel deeply deceived. It is a sponsorship with benefits for the ‘Generalitat’. This tournament was a present for Valencian people, but we have to let it go. I am so sad because it was me who bought this tournament as a idea of future.”

The director of the tournament has been talking about what is going on now with this tournament: “We are discussing about leasing or sell the license of the tournament to another city. I hope we can come back in the future”. And about Valencia Open 2015 he said: “It has been a great year. We have shown that we are one of the most important ATP tournaments in the world.

Serrahima talked about ‘Generalitat Valenciana’: “Valencia Open generates a big number of direct and indirect jobs: more than 800 people work every year at the Open. For every euro that the Valencian government invests in tourism and the promotion of sports, they receive 8 euros direct to Valencian companies, and over 21 euros in international media”.

He also explained what is going on with the agreements: “We had a commercial and advertising agreement with ‘Generalitat Valenciana’. During all these years, sponsors have done it well and if a brand would do that we would be in court, although this is a decision that cannot be taken right now. Vicent Marzà (Conseller d’Edudacio, research, Cultura i Esport) said in a press conference that the agreement was going to continue, but the only thing we know is what we read in the newspapers: the President is having an special meeting this Tuesday to talk about the Valencia Open”.

The executive director has said ‘no’ to come back to Valencia next year. “There won’t be tournament next season, we already know it. We want to work with another cities, where the value of the word and agreements have real value. Juan Carlos Ferrero has always supported Valencia, above other international offers that have arrived. The idea has always been to continue here, but we can’t” he concluded.

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