Federer: ‘A Real Player Never Stops’

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The top players are practicing all the time, during the morning, afternoon and evening if they need to. However, when they are in matches, it’s not easy running around and battling for hours and somehow, practicing at the same time.

The 17 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer loves to practice, but the 34-year-old knows he always wants to improve, but when he is at the tournaments, it’s too hard to develop his game. But after he is done at the ATP Finals this week, he will have time at the end of November and December.

“I think a tennis player never stops working on his game. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to practice,” said Federer, who upended Novak Djokovic in the Round Robin. “A lot of match play, a lot of resting, a lot of preparing.

Of course, in the perfect world it would be great to have many more months to prepare because you then could actually come back and be sort of a different player.

Of course, it’s in our decision to take that time, but it’s hard to sit on the sidelines for months when other guys are just winning tournaments, and your ranking is dropping in the process.

I don’t say I regret doing it, but I wish I could have taken even more time to train on my game. So I think because every player presents different problems, you just have to try to manage your game as good as you can.”

Federer is very keen on how he is hitting the ball the right way. The Swiss is aging, but he is still fast, strong and experience. He hasn’t won a major since 2012, but he goes deep every singles tournament.

“I think in the last couple years since I changed my racquet ( a Wilson’s Pro Staff), that gave me a totally different approach on how I can return, how I can serve, what I can do,” Federer said.  “It was about keeping my forehand and my slice up to a standard which I liked. And naturally the backhand and the serve improved because of the easier power I received from my racquet. Of course, then tactical elements come into play more and more.

The experience helps. The experience can also hinder you sometimes because of playing too much percentage tennis. I still feel like I’m young in the mind and I don’t shy away from trying new things. That is what keeps it still interesting for me to be on tour.”

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.