Nadal Says It’s ‘The Worst Surface Possible’

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Rafael Nadal Tennis News

Rafael Nadal was fairly pleased that he beat Stan Wawrinka at night in Monday, but the 14-time Grand Slam champion doesn’t think he can win the tournament at the ATP World Tours Finals.

The Spaniard has won just about every significant major event, but he isn’t thrilled at the O2 London.  Nadal has a decent shot at the event, but he can’t imagine that he can go very far, at least last night. In fact, this year, he doesn’t believe he played very well at all.

“I cannot think about that, seriously,” Nadal said. “I didn’t win enough this year. Think about the winning, a World Tour Finals in a year that I didn’t win very important tournaments. I didn’t win enough. So thinking about winning the toughest tournaments of the year for me, because it’s the worst surface possible, [it’s] against the worst players possible.”

Nadal has said that he has won on clay, grass and hard courts. He has won all four of the majors, and he says that he can deal with it when the courts are very slow or extremely fast. But apparently at the O2 Arena, he doesn’t like how the ball bounces. The 30-year-old Nadal had a solid win over Wawrinka, but at least for now, he isn’t thrilled at all.

“The feeling on the ball is different than outdoor,” said Nadal, who will face Andy Murray of Wednesday.” Through my career, it has been very well on the outdoors courts, and indoor has been very difficult. The opponents had chances to play against me. The topspin is less important. The serve gets bigger impact in indoors than in outdoors. But in true, that I played good tournaments indoor. I will be lying if I am not saying I had a couple very good tournaments on indoors.”

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